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Business Law Attorney in Miami, Florida

A trusted and accessible corporate attorney to provide advice and counsel on day-to-day business matters and extraordinary transactions is not a resource reserved solely for large corporations. Prego Law Group PLLC works with businesses and entrepreneurs as outside General Corporate Counsel to provide clients with the legal resources they need when they need them. From a simple phone call to discuss a potential idea, to consummating an acquisition, Prego Law Group PLLC can provide you the counsel to help move your business forward with memberships to fit your budget. No hourly billing!

If you are starting a new business or buying or selling an existing one, you will need to determine how best to plan and structure your venture. Prego Law Group PLLC can advise you on what form of organization would be best for your business. We will counsel you on the various important relationships required for a successful endeavor, including those between partners or shareholders, customers, suppliers, banks, employees, and government regulators.

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Prego Law Group PLLC can advise you on what structure would be best for your business and draft all the documents necessary to maintain a business in good standing. Prego Law Group PLLC can help you organize and structure your business so that you, and your partners, know where you stand, and so that you are on firm footing to build a strong and successful business.

We have significant experience working with, and advising officers and boards of directors as general business counsel, including but not limited to the following service areas:

  • Business planning, structuring, and formation

    • Federal, State & Local Licensing

  • Strategic planning and issue recognition

  • Corporate governance and shareholder relations

  • Business contracts

  • Day-to-day business issues

  • Employment and compensation matters

  • Lending and financing

  • Regulatory issues